Monday, October 22, 2012

October 2012: Book News Roundup

As the holidays approach, the publication schedule moves forward with great gift ideas for the Trekkie in your life (or, well, for yourself if you're so inclined!) Catch up on current releases, and put together your checklist for the next ten months of Trek Literature with October's Book News Roundup.

October-December Releases
Dayton Ward’s coda to the Star Trek: Vanguard series, “In Tempest’s Wake”, is now available as an eBook.

Terry J. Erdmann's "Star Trek: The Next Generation 365" retrospective is also avaliable now.

David Mack’s Cold Equations trilogy begins later this month with “The Persistence of Memory”. Books two and three of the trilogy, “Silent Weapons” and “The Body Electric” are due out in November and December respectively.

Rick Sternbach and Ben Robinson bring us a second Haynes manual, this time focusing on the Klingon Bird of Prey. The book is already avaliable in the UK, and goes on sale in the United States on November 6.

The release date for the eagerly anticipated “Federation: The First 150 Years” has been delayed until December 4 – just in time for holiday gift-giving.
2013 Releases
Early 2013 promises to be heavy with Original Series stories as the marketing buzz and buildup to the release of “Star Trek Into Darkness” in May. (Please note that the following street dates are based on current information, and may change before publication.)

January 29 – Star Trek: The Original Series “Allegiance in Exile” David R. George III
A rich, fertile, temperate planet with no life signs, but with the evidence of past life attracts the attention of Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise, but evidence of sabotage leaves the Enterprise crew seeking answers, and exploring the possibility of a new alien threat.

February 26 – Star Trek: The Original Series “Devil’s Bargain” Tony Daniel
When a Federation mining colony faces an extinction-level event, an irrational desire to remain behind prompts Spock to suggest an unorthodox alliance to resolve the crisis.

March 26 – Star Trek: The Original Series “The Weight of Worlds” Greg Cox
An extra-galactic threat brings Kirk, Spock, and Sulu to a remote colony; but the entire Federation may be at risk from the ways of the Coven.

March 26 – Star Trek: The Next Generation “The Stuff of Dreams” James Swallow
According to Amazon's current listing, this book will be avaliable in eBook format only. No data is available at this time concerning the story.

April 30 – Star Trek: The Original Series “The Folded World” Jeff Mariotte
The Enterprise responds to a Starfleet vessel’s distress call, only to find it trapped (and many others) in an odd spatial distortion which appears, from the outside at least, to have a single enormous vessel at its center.

May – Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Adaptation Alan Dean Foster Hardcover from Gallery Books
This will be Foster’s second straight movie novelization, coming on the heels of his work with the 2009 feature’s prose adaptation.

May 28 – Star Trek: The Original Series “The Shocks of Adversity” William Leisner
Author William Leisner shares with me that the book is currently in-process, and describes it as “an Original Series adventure set during the five year mission.” Leisner also confirms that, in spite of the current Amazon status which lists it as an eBook, this will be offered in print format as well.

August 27 – Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (Untitled) (Author TBA)
This is the fifth book in the series based on the new Star Trek continuity's Academy adventures. No data is available at this time concerning the story.

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