Friday, November 9, 2012

Dayton Ward Shares “From History’s Shadow” Details

Dayton Ward took to the blogosphere this morning to share some more detailed information on his recently announced Original Series nove; “From History’s Shadow”. A summary of highlights from his announcement follows the cut.
Not them.

Ward shares that the novel is set about a week after the events of the episode “Assignment: Earth”, and involves a pair of space/time travelers. They have come from the 1968 and have been busy with some rather nefarious business… attempting to engineer the downfall of humanity.

Captain Wainwright figures prominently
in "From History's Shadow"
The story doesn’t stop there, as Captain James Wainwright, USAF (DS9: "Little Green Men"), is brought into a secretive organization dedicated to seeking out alien activity and developing strategic means of addressing alien threats.

The novel is the August 2013 release, and is due to street on or about July 30.

You can read Dayton Ward’s full announcement at this link.

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