Friday, November 2, 2012

Welcome to The Trek Lit Report

Let me be the first to welcome you to The Trek Lit Report, a new website dedicated to Star Trek literature. My name is Robert Lyons, and since 2007, I have been the main book reviewer for TrekMovie will continue to carry my reviews, but this will be my location for ongoing comment, retro reviews, interviews, and other goodies. At times, I'll even review some non-Trek books that I think may be of interest to fans of space-based science fiction. I hope you enjoy the new site! Please keep reading for information on our Spoiler and Comment Policies, as well as how to search our archives.

Spoiler Policy: I generally attempt to keep my reviews as spoiler-free as possible, and I do post a warning if spoilers are contained for the current month's book or for books in recent months. It is also this site's policy that comment threads are to be kept spoiler-free for a period of one month after the release of the book. While I try not to give away the entire story line, this spoiler policy does not apply to 'retro reviews'. A link to a 'spoilerly' discussion thread on the current month's book at the TrekBBS is provided each month.

Comment Policy: All who intend to comment must be registered users, and comments will be passively moderated. If I notice a comment in violation of the spoiler policy, or one which contains vulgarity or other conversation which I deem inappropriate or offensive, it will be removed without notice (think PG). Multiple violations of this comment policy will result in the termination of comment privileges.

The Archives: Over time, I intend to import every review I have ever done which I have an electronic copy of (Amazon, the old site, TrekMovie, etc.) into this site, and archive said review by the release date of the book in question. This will take time, and I do not promise that I will do this for every Star Trek book ever released. Books are posted to the official publication month, not the street date. Thus, a book that streeted on October 22 would be posted on November 1, since it is officially the November book for that year. Hopefully this makes it easier to search the archive. When a retro review is done, it will be posted for a period of one month before being re-dated to fall on its correct release date.

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